The Difference is Independent Research

Director: Dr. Kevin Hoang, PhD in Economics and Econometrics, UNSW


To develop cutting-edge machine learning and analytical models to empower evidence-based decision making for home buyers, investors, developers and property service providers.


  • To develop cutting-edge machine learning and analytical models to enhance evidence-based decisioning
  • To develop research capabilities in analytics and modelling to tackle the emerging challenges in the housing market
  • To collaborate with the leading experts, research centres and industry leaders nationally and internationally to envision the future of the housing market


Housing market analytics and modelling:

  • Location ratings: develop a cutting-edge algorithm to rate suburbs, LGAs and cities according to the specific neighbourhood level data.
  • Market cycle analytics: taking into account a property market’s specific characteristics such as volatility, long and short memory growth rates, we develop a proprietary algorithm to detect the current market phase (Hot, Cold or Balanced) to enable sophisticated investors and home buyers to enter or exit the market strategically.
  • Housing market monitoring system: track the trends of key fundamentals that drive housing supply and demand; build analytical models to forecast the future trends.
  • Building a microsimulation model of the Australian housing market for policy analysis: this modelling approach will take into account the heterogeneity of market players’ behaviors (i.e. buyers, sellers, banks, governments) and their interactions with properties over their lifetime. The model can be used to assess the impact of government policy scenarios or macroeconomic changes on the market outcomes.
  • Housing affordability: sustained growth in housing prices has worsen housing affordability for first home buyers, what policies at local and national levels can be deployed to solve this long lasting challenge?

Demographics research: How the underlying demographics changes will shape the housing demand in the future?

  • Population and demographics changes: research into the effect of population and demographics changes such as aging population and immigration on the demand for housing.
  • Household count and size: how the building industry will plan for the projected housing demand, taking into account the demographics changes including aging population and increasing marriage age?
  • Inter-state and inter-region migration: identify the patterns and dynamics of the population mobility to assess the total housing demand.


We provide customized analytics consultancy to solve clients’ specific challenges. We have proven track record in the delivery of analytics solutions to the leading property companies in Asia and Australia: Automated Home Valuation Model, Market Trends Analytics and Forecasting, Text Mining and Text Analytics to detect the housing market sentiment.

Step 1: Understand the clients’ questions

Start a conversation with us by using the contact us form to provide your specific requirements. We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the scope of work, the timeline and cost.

Step 2: Research

Dr. Kevin Hoang and his team will carry out the research based on up-to-date property data, neighborhood and demographics data and other proprietary databases. The final research report will be dispatched to the client for approval.

Step 3: Complete the purchase journey

In case the research consultation follows with a property purchase, we will connect the client with one of our licensed buyers’ agent partners in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and all over Australia to buy property on your behalf!