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Subscribers will get unlimited access to premium data and analytics solutions:
1. Liveability Ratings
2. Selected Suburb Indicators
3. Market Cycle Analytics

4. Capital Growth Ratings


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Gain unparalleled data-driven insights about 15,000 suburbs in Australia, ratings in the scale of 1-100 for the key socio-economic aspects including Overall Liveability, Income, Education, Employment, Housing and Transport. No more guess work, let the data tell the true story about every neighborhood in Australia.


Know the suburb intimately! The key indicators you need to know for every suburb in Australia: Income, Education, Employment, Housing and Transport.


Is now good time to buy or sell? Gain data-driven insights about the phase of property cycle at the national, state and local market levels. Make informed decision to strategically enter or exit the market at the right time.

Taking into account a property market’s specific characteristics such as the volatility, long and short memory growth rate, the algorithm will classify the market into three simplified phases: Hot (seller’s market), Balance (demand is equal to supply) and Cold (buyer’s market).


Make informed decision about where to invest based on the ratings (Blue Chip, Fair and Poor) of 8 capital cities and 500 local government areas powered by proprietary algorithm.